Support Plasticity


I made Plasticity in 2012 to help myself and other people with tinnitus. Even though I myself no longer use it, I would like it to remain freely available to folks around the world – those who are trying to keep their tinnitus in check and those for whom it’s just a tool for training their ears.

Unfortunately, this site requires maintenance – not just keeping the server running, but, more importantly, periodic testing, debugging and coding work to make sure it keeps working in current browser versions. This takes a non-trivial amount of time, which is a problem because I have to make a living.

That is why I decided to create a Patreon page. Patreon is a service which allows you to donate a small amount each month to support independent creators you like. My hope is that support from users like you will enable me to keep maintaining Plasticity and my other Web content (for example, my blog, Hope This Helps). Right now, Plasticity has almost no supporters and the reality is that I cannot guarantee I will maintain it, because I am busy working on other things that have more users and actually pay my bills.

So here’s the deal: if you like Plasticity and you want it to stay up and running (as opposed to breaking one sad day after a browser update), please support it by becoming a Patron at whatever support level you’re comfortable with. Thank you!

— Tomasz

If you’d rather not become a Patron, you can also help out by making a one-time donation.