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Plasticity was conceived, designed and programmed by me — Tomasz P. Szynalski. My other Web projects are Antimoon (site with advice for people who want to speak English well), TypeIt (Web app for typing foreign characters and other symbols), and my blog, Hope This Helps.

Contact me

If you’re using Plasticity for your tinnitus, don’t forget to post a comment here and tell me how it went. You can e-mail me at tszynalski at szynalski dot com. I read all my mail, but unfortunately, due to the high volume of mail I get from all my websites, I can only reply to a small fraction of incoming messages. Sorry.

Begging for money

Please consider supporting Plasticity with a little bit of your money. Your money is really needed to keep this site online!

Note: I don’t want to have ads on this site because they would inevitably be ads for dodgy tinnitus “cures” sold by unethical websites looking to exploit people who are desperate. I don’t want to enable these people in any way.


Most of the icons used in Plasticity were designed by Manuel López Muñiz. Additional icons by PICOL. All third-party icons are used under a Creative Commons license.


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